Central Maryland Ultimate Association

The mission of CMUA is to promote the growth and development of the sport of ultimate in the Baltimore metropolitan area by offering mixed, open, and women’s recreation leagues and tournaments, and by supporting local teams at the youth, college, and club levels.

Indoor League Playoff Schedule Announced

The playoff schedule for the 2017 Indoor Season is as follows. If there are any postponements or cancellations the schedule on the Indoor League page will be updated.


  • #1 Zeus (white) vs  #4 Poseidon (dark) at 9pm
  • #6 Ares (white) vs #7 Nemesis (dark) at 10pm


  • #5 Hera (white) vs #8 Athena (dark) at 9pm
  • #2 Dionysus (white) vs #3 Hermes (dark) at 10pm


  • 9pm (Championship):
    • Winner of #1-vs-#4 vs Winner of #2-vs-#3
  • 10pm (Third Place Game):
    • Loser of #1-vs-#4 vs Loser of #2-vs-#3


  • 9pm:
    • Winner of #5-vs-#8 vs Winner of #6-vs-#7
  • 10pm:
    • Loser of #5-vs-#8 vs Loser of #6-vs-#7

Indoor League Updates January 2nd & 4th

As you saw in the most recent CMUA email, indoor starts this week. This first week will be pick up until we are able to do a draft. The official games will begin on Monday, January 9. My apologies, but do to a crazy holiday schedule, I am a little behind.

Now, in order to make this week work, we can’t have everyone show up on one night. 108 people (so far) waiting in line would just be madness. Here what we’re doing instead.

Monday, January 2: 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
– Only Men and Women with last names: A – J

Wednesday, January 4: 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
– Only Men and Women with last names: K – Z