Monday Night League Extended to August 7

Due to the number of cancellations, Monday Night League has been extended to end from the original July 31 date to August 7. All semifinals and finals will be held at theĀ Banneker Recreation Center.

Finals Format

Final standings will be determined by amount of Wins, H2H record, and then overall point/score differential.

Seeds 1-4 will be placed in the A Bracket, seeds 5-8 will be placed in the B Bracket, and seeds 9-10 will be placed in the C Finals. Semis and Finals will occur on August 7 at Banneker.

A/B Semis and C Final: 6:30 p.m.
9v10 at Banneker 1 [C Finals]
5v8 at Banneker 2 [B1]
6v7 at Banneker 3 [B2]
2v3 at Banneker 4 [A2]
1v4 at Banneker 5 [A1]

A/B Finals: 8:15-ish p.m.
A Finals: Winner of A1 vs winner of A2 at Banneker 5
B Finals: Winner of B1 vs winner of B2 at Banneker 4