Central Maryland Ultimate Association

Spring Pickup and Spring League

Spring Pickup begins on March 11 and runs every Monday from 8:30pm to 10:30pm through May 20 at the Catonsville HS turf field.

Spring League will run alongside Spring Pickup on Monday nights at the Catonsville HS turf field. There will be an early game (8:30-9:30pm) and a late game (9:30-10:30pm), and players will be able to participate in pickup either before or after their scheduled league game. Spring League will begin on March 25 and will run for approximately eight weeks.

Depending on the number of League signups, our aim is to have four teams and play 7v7. Teams will be formed by the league commissioner. One mutual baggage request per player.

A cost of $20 will grant access to BOTH Spring Pickup and Spring League for the season.  If players wish to participate only in pickup and not in the league, they may indicate as much on the TeamSnap signup.

Sign up via Teamsnap Today!