Central Maryland Ultimate Association

The CMUA members listed below have elected to form the CMUA board based on the online member vote held in 2015. The CMUA president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary were then selected by the board members. The Board was elected to uphold CMUA’s mission.

  • Timmy Gelles – President
  • Kevin “Ham” Baker – Treasurer
  • Daniel “Shrek” Sprechman – Secretary
  • Donald Gorsuch – Rec Council Liason
  • Alice Bauman
  • Ben DeForest
  • Meghan Gloyd
  • Britta Schaffmeyer


Each year the CMUA Board decides specific roles each board member will oversee to assist run the organization. Contact us at cmuacomm@gmail.com if you’d like to get more information or volunteer for any of the following roles:


  • Kevin Baker
  • Daniel Sprechman
  • Timmy Gelles

Newsletters & Social Media

  • Britta Wells
  • Kevin Baker


  • Donald Gorsuch


  • Meghan Gloyd


  • Daniel Sprechman


  • Kevin Baker
  • Daniel Sprechman

Indoor League

  • Jon Pressimone
  • Britta Wells

Spring League/Pickup

  • Meghan Gloyd

Summer League

  • Tim Gelles (MNL)
  • Meghan Gloyd (MNL)
  • Daniel Sprechman (WNL)
  • Donald Gorsuch (WNL)