Central Maryland Ultimate Association

Any CMUA member may nominate themselves or another CMUA member to be a candidate for the Board. Nominations have passed.

A minimum of three board positions are scheduled to open up annually. When a Board Member’s term ends, they are able to run again for another three year term. Voting for new Board Members is scheduled to start when Summer League registration opens up.

The following Board Members terms expire in 2017:

  • Shannon Garrahy
  • Donald Gorsuch
  • Adi Malave

The CMUA Board would like to thank each of them for their hard work the past two years.

The candidates for 2017 are:

  • Cameron Avelis
  • Kevin “Ham” Baker
  • Shannon Garrahy
  • Meghan Gloyd
  • Donald Gorsuch
  • Charley Grevers

Their bios and statements are listed in below alphabetical order:

Cameron Avelis

I started playing Ultimate frequently in summer 2014, a year after moving toBaltimore city. I have played league every season since, most of which were run byCMUA. I manage the email list and social media for Roosevelt Park pickup in Hampden. I’ve made most of my friends through Ultimate, including my partner of 2 years.
The CMUA community is aware of our retention problem, and being fairly new to the game has shown me some contributing factors. I’ve never made the cut for a club team and I didn’t play college ultimate with shoes on. This made it very intimidating to break into a scene where people already know and trust each other on the field. I got to where I am through sheer stubbornness, lots of pickup, and supportive league captains. We can do better as a community to make new players feel welcome and give them a place to practice skills. Currently, there isn’t a great outlet for this in CMUA- the pickup tends to be too competitive or cliquey for a new player to thrive. I would like to assist in efforts to include newer players and help establish more regular programming that is developmental by design.

This issue becomes only more complicated for female players. I have observed that some men don’t understand how to respect their female peers on the field. Some think it’s respectful to back off of a disc if a female opponent is going to catch it. This happens to women of all skill levels, and it does not make them feel respected. I think that building a culture of respect on the field is integral to keeping women feeling welcome. I don’t have a full solution to this problem, but I think team captains in CMUA leagues have a lot of power to set expectations.

In summary, my focus on the CMUA board would be making ultimate more inviting to new players and women. I believe there need to be initiatives entirely separate from MNL for newer players, through other leagues or the pickup network. I can also offer assistance through data analysis and statistics.

Kevin “Ham” Baker

I’ve been a CMUA member since 2011, and have played for Towson (college ’11-’15) and Runtime (club ’13, ’14). I’ve worn numerous hats as an organizer since graduating, including but not limited to:

  • CMUA men’s league commish
  • Member, CMUA league and youth committees
  • USAU college conference coordinator
  • TD, Oak Creek Ultimate college tourneys
  • Volunteer coordinator, Chesapeake Open
  • Coach, PUDA Learn to Play clinic

I want to be on the BoD not only because I’m passionate about ultimate, or the Baltimore ultimate community. I want to be on the board because of my passion and dedication as an organizer of sports, and how my experience and skill in that field will translate into success for the CMUA membership. My ultimate organizer experience, combined with my education as a sport management major and professional experience in recreation and parks, would be a huge asset to the board as the demands of our growing sport and membership base force us to evolve. As a member of the BoD, I would continue my work behind the scenes in helping to organize youth opportunities in the area, including clinics and leagues, and potentially one day travel club teams. I would also work with our outreach team in order to better inform the membership about local events of interest (such as local youth, college, and club tournaments).

Shannon Garrahy

After serving on the first two years of CMUA’s board, Shannon is committed to ensuring that organizational knowledge gained in that time is maintained and leveraged to innovate and improve our offerings for the benefit of all members. 15 years of playing ultimate, CMUA Member for 8 years, Summer League Captain Monday anWednesday), CMUA Steering Committee Member, CMUA Board Member

As part of the CMUA Board I’ve seen the challenges of player retention and shrinking leagues. I’ve also seen the changing dynamics of being a part of the Catonville Rec Council which recently led to us having to use a more complicated signup system for all of our leagues. I’ve also seen successes in engagement with our members and prioritizing gender equity. The Board has done a lot of listening and tried a number of initiatives these last two years such as changing the structure of indoor league to increase meaningful playing time within our existing time slots. The timing is right to protect what has made our leagues a great experience for many and what can be done to make them an excellent experience for all.

Meghan Gloyd

I’ve been a member of CMUA since 2013. I’ve played mixed and women’s club. I currently serve as the MD Girl’s State Outreach Coordinator, work with other CMUA members on the Women’s Involvement Committee, and volunteer with youth programs in the area. I’m passionate about growing youth and women’s ultimate here in Baltimore while continuing to offer adult leagues.

I was introduced to organized ultimate in 2012 by some friends in Delaware. I’ve been playing year-round since that first spring league. I’ve played in leagues run by Delaware Ultimate, PADA, Chester County PA, WAFC, and CMUA. Last year I played in three of four CMUA Leagues (men’s league being the lone league I chose not to participate in). In terms of club experience, in my short ultimate career I’ve played Mixed (DErty People ’13, Key Party ’14), Women’s (Shadowbox ’15-‘16), and Women’s Masters (Loose Cannon ’14, First Ladies ’16). I served as a captain for Shadowbox in 2016 and was an Offseason Coordinator in 2015.

Currently, I am serving as the MD Girl’s State Outreach Coordinator, working with other community members on the Women’s Involvement Committee, and assistant coaching Towson’s Women’s B Team. I also have served as coordinator and volunteer coach for local girl’s leagues. I love the frisbee community and am passionate about getting more folks (youth and women in particular) involved in the game as early as possible.

So what would I bring to the CMUA Board… fresh ideas and the ability to listen/process information. As an engineer, I like to understand all aspects of a situation or challenge before looking at potential solutions. I believe this skill will translate to the board as we look towards the future of the organization. Having been a part of many frisbee organizations, I have seen how they’ve approached similar challenges and can bring those ideas to the board. I would like to see this league attract new players, increase retention rates, and develop women’s ultimate in the area. If elected, I would strive to achieve these things while upholding the values of CMUA ultimate.

Donald Gorsuch

Founding member and former co-captain of UMBC Booya, member of CMUA for over 15 years, CMUA Board member for the past 2 years, volunteer at Chesapeake Open last year and at College Sectionals this year

I would like to be re-elected to provide some much needed stability on the CMUA Board through a time of transition in Baltimore County Rec and Parks in Catonsville. My goal is to take on more of a leadership role in the coming year and take on more responsibilities. My hope is to grow our Ultimate community and establish a stronger base of players by promoting more youth Ultimate and allowing more opportunities for people to play. This will allow us to have a more self-sustaining model moving forward without compromising our overall values.

Charley Grevers

I have been a member in good standing of the CMUA community for fifteen years.

I would like your consideration for election to the Board of Directors because I truly care about the growth and development of CMUA and its constituents. I have participated, captained, coached, assisted, and/or directed in some capacity in every different pickup and league offering that has been available to me. Once I was even drafted in the first round of summer league once – a mistake surely never to be repeated.

I have developed a deep love and respect for the sport of ultimate and the Spirit of the Game upon which it is founded. From mentoring youth ultimate to observing at club nationals to most recently competing at masters nationals, this game has become an integral part of my life.

With your vote, I hope to channel my experience and passion for this incredible sport to better the league.