Community Agreement Policy


Use of the fields is a privilege granted to our sports program by the host Catonsville Recreation and Parks Council, and Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks. CMUA’s access to the fields is not an entitlement but rather is conditional on several factors, and can be discontinued at any time by either organization.

As such, CMUA and its participants are guests in the communities of the field sites. Any irresponsible behavior by any ultimate player at any time can negatively affect CMUA’s ability to reserve fields, and therefore our members’ ability to play.

Code of Conduct

Players assume an obligation, and are thus required, to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the host Catonsville Recreation and Parks Council, Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, and CMUA’s mission when participating in sponsored activities.

Players must act responsibly and civilly before, during, and after any event. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using obscene gestures, profanity or disrespectful language, especially in the presence of minors
    Consuming alcohol or using illegal drugs before, during, and after pickup, league games, team practices and/or games
  • Intentionally engage in or incite participants and/or spectators to become involved in abusive or violent action
  • Verbally or physically abusing an official, team player, opposing player, spectator or coach
    Infringing in any way on a concurrent or preceding approved youth or other adult rec activity

Any violation of this agreement will result in the players suspension from CMUA in accordance with Section 4 of ARTICLE VI of the CMUA Bylaws.


In the event of a disruption of play (e.g., dogs, youth, adults, and/or families enter the field), players are expected to handle the situation with a calm demeanor.

It is the league commissioners’ or captains’ duty to politely inform the disruptors of their actions and ensure seamless resumption of activities.


If players arrive at field being used by another youth or other adult rec activity, players are not allowed to encroach on this activity by setting up cones or beginning warm ups in the immediate vicinity.

If fields used by approved youth or other adult rec activities go more than 15 minutes past their allotted time, it is the responsibility of the commissioner or captain to notify members of the Board, beginning with the Field Commissioner. If the Field Commissioner cannot be reached, then the President should be contacted. Players are not allowed onto their allotted field until the preceding activity has left.

I hereby agree to the conduct policies and procedures outlined in this document. I am agreeing to commit to safe behavior, communicate positively on and off the field if any disruptions or delays, and understand and uphold the rules at all times.