Meeting Minutes 3/11/2018


  • Community Agreement (Tim)
    • President loved it and wants to use it as a guiding document for other programs
  • Special Election Procedures Amendment to Bylaws (Tim)
    • Board may appoint person to fill in remainder of a term
    • Passed
  • Indoor League (Press & Britta)
    • Chronically absent people
    • Possibly over fill the league in the future
    • Feedback from captains and players. Send survey out
    • Consider not having board members as commissioners in the future
  • Youth Coaching Recruitment (Meghan)
    • Created list of volunteer opportunities
    • Highlandown, Pikesville, Towson opportunities
    • Background checks need to be done for volunteers. The leagues will provide instructions
  • Other Items (All)
    • Britta: Christian Athletics Association has fields that we might be able to rent.


Rec Council Meetings

  • Catonsville
  • Baltimore Highlands
  • Towson


Online Registration

  • CRPC’s contract with GroupNet is ending in June. They are (probably) not renewing.
  • CRPC is allowing Programs to choose their own registration system
  • Discuss and vote on new platform to use
    • Options: TeamSnap, CMUA Website, Ulticentral
    • Motion to use TeamSnap in the future


Spring Pickup and League

  • Budgets have been submitted. Awaiting Approval (Ham)
    • Meghan + Shrek – commission league
    • League: Thursday April 5th through May 24th
    • Pickup: Monday March 19th through May 21


Summer League

  • Captains Recruitment: 6 total; 4 Mixed, 2 Clique
    • Assign recruitment
      • Britta will recruit
  • Questionnaire
    • Review feedback data
      • Monday
        • Moving to different day is ok
        • People not into having league start later
        • People don’t mind having the league at Lansdowne
        • People would rather play 2 games
      • Wednesday
        • People don’t want to start later
        • Ok to move to different day
    • Proposals and vote on any changes to the Summer League schedule (all)
  • Begin crafting Summer budget (Ham)
  • Discussion about what to do for Wednesday field space
    • Early games and late games


Clinics in 2018

  • Volunteer requirement established
  • Minimum of 10 hours coaching youth or volunteering with CRPC

Elections for 2018-19 Term

  • Call for Board Nominees was to begin on March 1, with submissions due by April 1
  • Send out email with announcement ASAP (Shrek)