Central Maryland Ultimate Association

April 10, 2018 CMUA Board Meeting Agenda


  • Meeting Minutes (Shrek)
  • Spring Pickup (Press & Donny)
  • Spring League (Meghan & Shrek)
  • Other Items (All)

Rec Council Meetings

  • Catonsville
  • Baltimore Highlands

Elections for 2018-19 Term

  • Submission deadline Friday April 13 (Shrek)
  • Push for more submissions (all)
  • Election process (Shrek)
  • Brews with the Board viability (Tim)

Summer Leagues

  • Budget status (Ham)
  • Registration Process (Tim)
  • Captains Recruitment (Mixed League: Britta; Clique League: Shrek)
  • Captains Training (Zara and Press)
  • Draft (Press)
  • Commissioning (Mixed: Tim and Meghan; Clique: Donny and Shrek)
  • “Fall” Field Allocation Date (i.e. what happens after 7/31)
  • Other items not mentioned

Next Meeting/Transition Process

  • Get transition meeting on books with new members (all)
  • Map out next 1-2 meetings (all)