Meeting Minutes 4/11/2016

CMUA April Board Meeting – Monday April 11th 2016

Board Members

Present: Adi, Bridey, Donald, Daniel, Jon, Mike, Shannon, Zara

Apologies: Warren

CMUA Members Present: Timmy Gelles

Meeting Opened: 7:10 PM – Jon

New Website Demo – Timmy Gelles

  • Walkthough of site, editing and structure
  • Overview of league management

Website Enhancements

  • Waitlist monitored through filtered list on site
  • Add expected absences to signup form
  • Custom fields for each league as needed
  • Need Poll for voting ready with new site launch

Summer League

  • Signups May 2nd to 16th
  • MNL Draft May 25th (Wednesday)
  • First Games
    • MNL June 6th (after Memorial Day)
    • WNL June 8th
  • Waitlist Priority for 2017
    • 24hrs of early registration if undrafted from 2016 waitlist
  • Volunteer Priority
    • Establish criteria over Summer
  • Captains
    • Discussed incentives for captains. Agreed guaranteed entry into league is a big incentive. Can revisit in future if needed.

Crab Feast

  • 2nd Sunday in August

Women’s Involvement Report

  • Preference for mixed gender captains
  • Want captain guidelines
  • Like post game summary emails

Captain Policies

  • Zara, Adi, Jon to get volunteers
  • 1 baggage per captain
    • Possible round penalties for strong captain pairs
  • Notice about losing games on purpose
  • Notice about captain policies

Spring League

  • Close to enough players
  • Shrek to approach captains
  • League games at Landsdowne 8:30 – 11pm

Men’s League

  • Zara to check with Ham on Men’s league details

CMUA Discs

  • Shrek to place order of discs with new logo
  • Discs to be an optional purchase with Summer League Signups

Raffle Tickets

  • Barry will send a follow up with details on fundraiser for Landsdowne Rec. Council

Field Fund

  • New field in Catonsville area is seeking funds for lights
  • Unanimous support to increase dues to allow us to support the lights effort


  • Setup continuing in preparation for cutover to MailChimp for email blasts and newsletters


Meeting Closed:  9:20PM