Meeting Minutes 5/22/18

May 22, 2018 CMUA Board Meeting Agenda

Welcome New Board Members

  • Welcome Alice and Ben!
  • Introduction to CMUA


  • Reports: Spring Pickup & League (Press & Donny; Meghan & Shrek)
  • Other Items (All)

Rec Council Meetings

  • CRPC fall field allocation
  • Baltimore Highlands

Summer Leagues

  • Send Email about registration closing
  • Current Numbers
    • Mixed: 114 men, 62 women
    • Clique: 98 men, 33 women
  • For next season: Define criteria for consideration for early admission to Mixed League.
    • 2018 Mixed League Commissioners agreed on:
      • Keep waitlisters
      • Board to define volunteering parameters & requirements: e.g. photographer, other league captaining and commissioning (both with satisfactory ratings), committees, youth volunteering (separate from Club volunteering)
      • Establish a legacy clause: talk to 1-2 “Old Timers”(e.g. Dave Ritchie, Michael Myers) about what to do with players with decade(s) of involvement & participation


  • Share calendar of field allocations
  • Creation of clinic committee (see attached)

For Next Meeting

  • Set tentative date for June to vote on officer positions
    • Outline officer vote procedures; current officers state what they do.
  • Filling vacant seat