Meeting Minutes 6/2/2017

June 2, 2017

CMUA Board Meeting

 Attendance: Britta, Press, Shrek, Timmy, Clarkson, Donny, Ham

Absent: Zara + Meghan

  • Welcome new board members
  • Expressly state the duties/responsibilities of the board positions
    • Britta: look less at positions but what CMUA offers and then assign roles from there.
  • Possibly vote on changing board positions to expressly elected spots
    • Clarkson: transference occurs when someone steps down or is voted off the board Shrek wonders if finding volunteers requires a vote now?
    • (Zara motions to delay until next meeting). Zara’s motions:
      • Separating the field responsibilities from the President role. I’d like to see Fields become an officer position with the responsibility of attending rec council meetings and/or arranging for others to attend the various meetings (Catonsville, Bmore Highlands, Howard Co?). I think this position is crucial moving forward.
      • Based on my experience being the VP, I would like to define the VP role more. What makes sense to me is to have the VP oversee the board itself, while the President oversee the org a whole. This way we have one person internally focused on the leadership team.
  • Appoint new board positions and vote
  • Reset the committee positions

 Motion is to postpone any voting until all 9 members of the board are present.

Summer League

  • Any hiccups with signups that we need to change or tweak for next year
    • Shrek: went better than expected. Still need to refund men who didn’t make it into league and don’t want to do Monday Night Casual
    • Waitlist went on a little over an hour after signups
  • Vote on baggage rules and requirements for upcoming leagues
    • Donny: make sure that we set up rules so that people we may “like” don’t abuse the rules.
    • Britta: if we want to allow women possibly into the league stop focusing rules for men to allow men off the waitlist
    • Press: a lot of changes to the league have been to the benefit of women, not just men
    • Britta: allow a male (who’s never played before) off waitlist of they find a women who’s never played before?
    • Donny: we need to advertise our rules and the amount of people who were granted early signups and chose not to.
    • Timmy: no triple baggage. Captains can only baggage another. Special exceptions must be noted during signups and will be granted but only after approval.
  • Plan of attack for recruiting more women for next year and getting more female leadership
    • Shrek: 60 women in MNL, 60 in WNL. Most women in WNL ever. Most are concentrated in a handful of teams.
  • Create a backup plan if the downward trend of female signups continue
  • Prepare feedback form for the end of summer league (vote on sharing results with captains)
    • Donny: use same form or new one?
    • Britta: share results with captains? We need to let people know what they’re being used for.
    • Donny: if we keep answers anonymous then we should notify captains of their feedback
    • Press: don’t overhaul, just fine tune.
    • Tim: will share 2016 form with group VIA SLACK
  • Set a team for running the End of Summer Crabfeast (will need to contact Barry for additional info)
    • Donny: we do not have a date set. Usually 2nd Sunday in august.
    • Shrek: find ways to cut costs
    • Donny: should we find people to help out?
  • Shrek will email sublist members that WNL will need players too, and to let him know if they want WNL league too

BCRP Rec Council Update

  • Donny: Soccer currently staffed entire CRPC board. Board in flux. Soccer currently not happy with registration system. More changes more be afoot.
  • Budget breakdown from Shrek
    • Shrek: Yet to receive budget from Barry/CRPC.
  • Prepare/vote on budget for fall submission (no BCRP meeting in July so we need to submit for approval before June meeting, August is cutting it kind of close)
    • Donny: set up Pickup with a checkbox asking if “interested in organized league” and if enough say yes, to possibly form a league.
    • Britta: model it after Spring League
    • Donny + Shrek to speak with Barry

Youth Update

  • Ham: Towson and Columbia group trying to get a MS age mini-tournament with smaller fields. Hoping to do 6/25
  • Ham: would like to facilitate a team for youth club regionals, probably boys, for 10/7-8 in Erie, PA. 11/11-12 in Chattanooga too far. U17 + U15 for mixed. Asking if we have money, but unsure how much it will cost. Ham will get cost.

CMUA Comm Account

  • The secretary will respond to all emails and CC the appropriate party.
  • Tim will grant access to CMUA access to our floundering slack channel. Slack will be adopted over email.
  • Shrek proposes changing email every year. Tim suggests we just add current year to existing password.

Any other news?

  • Agendas/action items reviewed
  • Any updates for the website?
  • Set a tentative time for a new meeting (possibly a permanent day of the month moving forward)
    • Donny: propose a standard date?
    • All: yes, but…