Meeting Minutes 7/19/2016


CMUA Mission Statement

Welcome new Board Members!

Bylaws are unclear on term lengths for Executive Board/Team. Is it just one year?

  • Nomination
  • Vote on roles

Board Communication:

  • Proposal from Zara

Summer League
Registration Data ~Timmy
– WNL ~ Shrek?
– Women’s ~ Zara

– Update / Feedback ~ Timmy, Shannon, Shrek

BoD : Compensation
Addendum to A5.S11.b – Press
-changing from all dues to just Summer league.

Upcoming Leagues:
– Fall *true* clique league (re: Timmy’s proposal)
– 4 week middle school clinic/league
Saturday mornings

– Summer League Survey
– Brews with the Board ~ Timmy


Meeting Notes

  • Executive roles
    • Secretary
      • Shannon stepping down
      • Timmy
    • Treasurer
      • shrek
    • Vice Pres
      • adi
    • President
      • Clarkson
  • Question about how often we meet
    • At least once a quarter
  • Communication
      • Communication not be “reply all” but kept within specific Teams, and passed along to board upon task completion. Shrek brought up desire to ask board about MNL playoff schedule due to uncertainty.
      • Press stresses that communication is currently but shouldn’t be bogged down in bureaucratic minutiae.
      • Britta requests clarity about her new role, and onboarding process. Shrek brings up conversation with Ham about Ham’s uncertainty about his role: who was supposed to coordinating things?
      • Press asks about creating a commissioner maintenance checklist for on-boarding process.
      • Clarkson asks who has superiority: board member(s) or commissioner? Decision was that board member establishes guidelines and boundaries, while commissioner operates within those (ex: board member establishes MNL 4/3; commissioner cant decide it’s 5/2)
      • Britta asks if we’ve thanked any of the prior league commissioners. Answer is no. Britta volunteers to take this on
    • Action: Timmy, Clarkson + shrek research technology (team snap)
  • Commissioners:
    • How to effectively communicate board’s role?
      • Onboarding checklist
    • What is the hierarchy?
      • Board sets the boundaries
      • Board appoints the commissioners
      • Commissioner can make decisions within the boundaries
    • Require in-person meeting with the commissioners
    • Formal recognition to the league commissioners after each league thanking them.
      • Action: Britta will take this on
  • Feedback about the leagues
    • Monday Night
      • MNL Captains are doing great
      • Too many men
    • Wednesday
    • Womens
      • Rec league and Advanced split
      • Rec 5v5 – more touches. Positive
      • Maybe not sustainable in the future
  • Data for the leagues
    • Large amount of college students (50%)
  • Website
  • Discount for the board
    • Is a $50 credit for board members good?
      • Action: Shrek will contact Barry
    • Action: Britta will email board members who left for feedback
  • Upcoming leagues
    • Fall – true clique league
      • August 20th – details worked out
  • Youth teams
    • Middle school – is there any?
    • Possible clinic scrimmage leagues
    • U19 girls league – went well
    • 4 week GUM league for orthodox Jewish girls
  • Outreach
    • Summer League survey
      • Action: Clarkson + Timmy
      • Incentive to fill out?
      • Sign in to the website first?
      • Ask the captains to fill out the surveys
    • Captains survey
      • Action: Clarkson + Timmy
  • Brews with the Board
    • Meet + Greet with the members
  • News Letter
    • Britta will take over
  • Discussion about captains email