Meeting Minutes 8/29/2018

August 29, 2018 CMUA Board Meeting Agenda


Quick Topics

  • Fall Field Availability
    • Have Catonsville fields at 9
  • Fall Pickup
    • Won’t have field space until 9. Hasn’t been well attended in the past
  • Thanksgiving Hat: save the date, allocated Banneker on November 17
  • Review 2017-18 Finances
    • See end of the minutes for details
  • Updates from Rec Councils
    • Baltimore Highlands canceled meeting this month
    • Catonsville Rec
      • New email to use for teamsnap emails
      • Catonsville HS turf – repairs delayed
      • Senior Center – closing upper field
      • Budget requests – need to submit facility use permit requests
      • No more field allocation meetings
        • Conflicts with field space will be resolved on a case-by-case basis
      • Can take up to 45 days to approve requests for facilities
      • Programs need to charge an additional 12.75% for County Staff. Hourly rate of County staff is $14.11 and an additional 12.75%, so $15.90
  • Other Items
    • Invited Joe treasurer to come to meeting
    • Should get inventory from Barry

Summer League

  • Surveys
    • Need to push for more survey responses
  • Review (draft) League Reports:
    • General
      • Clarification about sub list
        • Alice will write policy to review
    • Monday/Mixed League
      • 10 teams, means 5 fields with at least location having 3 fields. Might be easier to have 8 or 12 teams in the future
      • Some captain complaints of male attendance, although subs were not frequently requested
      • Issue with captain attendance / communication for one of the teams
    • Wednesday/Clique League
      • Talk to the captains of teams that had female attendance issues


  • Work with Alleesha at GOALS to set up December pickup, and to confirm/adjust the times for our league (8:30–11p, Tu & Thu 1/8–2/28; Feb 5, 19, 26 @ 9 p.m.)
  • Get a separate invoice for December pickup, because there may not be enough funds to pay for the league until registration opens



  • Field status for clinics in September
    • Only have 9:00 time
  • Vote on approving creation of clinic committee

Youth Clinics

  • Lansdowne: Status on fields, volunteers, communication/outreach to school and community for 10/6 clinic
    • Want to know the turnout number
  • Suggestion to donate money to the Haunted Spook Walk, and participate
  • Towson: request to assist with a free clinic for middle school girls this fall. Would be on a Sunday afternoon at 4 or 5:30 at Towson High School.
    • Go into the newsletter
    • Alice volunteered

Board Bylaws Discussion

  • Restructuring/reducing the board (Article V, Section 2)
    • Proposal to reduce # of people on board to 5 or 7
    • Proposal to have different term lengths for positions
      • Named positions (president, secretary, treasurer, community) have 3 years, and at large positions have 1 or 2 years
    • Smaller board encourages more outside participation
    • Thoughts:
      • 5 too small
      • 3 year term too much
      • Reaching outside board can be encouraged
  • Change in election date (Article V, Section 4)
    • Currently opens March 1, election is May 1
    • Proposal to have elections from August to September
    • Nice to have open board meeting with new board members

Officer Elections

  • Vote on officer positions
    • Ham – treasurer
    • Shrek – secretary
    • Britta – vice president
    • Donnie – community
    • Meghan – president
  • League/Tournament/Event Commissioners
    • Ben – Thanksgiving hat