Meeting Minutes 8/23/2016


  • Summer League Survey (what did we learn? how will we get this new info out to the membership? what did ppl say about captains?)
  • Fall League – plans for that
  • Thanksgiving Hat (what do we need to put in place now)
  • Prep for Winter League
  • Youth

Summer League Survey

Timmy created slideshow. 55% open rate. 25% click/response rate.

MNL feedback: two different views on MNL. Keep ratio or change. Common refrain of: too many men in MNL, not enough teams, too short a season

Other issues raised: changing day of week? Extending length of season. Cant draft off waitlist.

Decision is to curate qualitative responses, and then print out slide show + response docs to post on website.

Limiting available waitlist; unable to draft off that. Will revisit.


Fall League

Registration opens next week? Open 1-2 weeks. League starts 9/17.  Games on Saturday throughout the day. Held at senior center. 4/3 ratio. 15min, 25max. Clique league! Games to 15.

Registration methodologies: captain submits a bid. Guarantee of X amount of players. Bid window allows captain to recruit. Players will then sign up individually later, even as season progresses.

Press will work with Tim about registration.


Thanksgiving Hat

Asked Ham & Dan Dresser in 2015. Need to remind them. Scheduled for Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 19th. Fields booked. Confirm with Barry about van(?).

Preregistration for volunteers. Ham & Dan will work on that. Donny will be present as reps of the Board. Donny will email H&D about volunteers.


Prep for Winter League

Press will commission again. Britta will join him. Press thinks expands to 10, maybe 12, teams due to popularity. Wants to get on their schedule early.

Z asks why pickup before games happen, wonders if removing will allow another game. Shannon suggests a 15min team ONLY scrimmage/pickup so you can warmup. Donny volunteers to speadhead if Tu/Th night at Landsdowne is available.

Press will look into space availability.



Zara receives youth inquiries about leagues for kids and teenagers. Wants to look into youth programming as there is pressure from community about sending teams to youth club championships. Currently have u-19 indoor womens league to qualify for YCC. Z wants to ask Banneker Rec Center about after-school programming.

Press is looking into potential of youth clinics post-fall league games.


Other Items

Shrek giving Tim list of emails for mailchimp

Shrek will work with Britta about newsletter. Google doc outline, contribute feedback via google doc or mailchimp

Britta suggests we need to tell community about new members’ roles.

Tim will send out doodle poll for next meeting. Then a calendar invite/reminder will be sent out.