Meeting Minutes 9/26/2016

Open Board Meeting

Date: November 4

Location to be determined. Held at JRs last year.

Shrek: If more people than last year may require no tables but rows of chairs.

Clarkson: how do we reserve a spot for audio/visual?

Donny: JRs requires certain amount for food/drink to book space w/ AV tech

Clarkson + Adi will create an agenda.

Shrek: solicited responses in weeks leading up to.

Z: how do we present summer league results?

Clarkson: October 28th the cutoff date? Cutoff date exists to get a gauge on how many people so to provide proper time.

Meeting Agenda

Survey Results presi by board
Members presentations: must sign up ahead of time!
Time for Board Q’s

Clarkson: add to next newsletter?

Donny: send as standalone email. not enough content for a newsletter.

Clarkson will provide Timmy content within next week to send out.

Make a facebook event!

Thanksgiving Hat

Donny: tenatively scheduled it for sat before thanksgiving 11/19. contacted Daniel Dresser + Ham to help run it and find volunteers. Ham said Toad + Ben offered to help volunteer.

Clarkson: how many volunteers required?

Donny: 6-8 for setup, maybe more for cleanup

Z: where do donations go?

Donny: Barry takes them and then ???

Z: should we offer take over from Barry? How do we do that?

Clarkson tasks Donny with taking over these logistics

Make a facebook event!

Winter League

Clarkson: Set start date and tentative end date

Historically drop-in pickup in Dec, league Jan-Mar. Tenative start date Jan 9. Run 8 weeks.

Clarkson: Find TD and send feeler for captains (do we pick captains or ask for volunteers?)

Press + Britta to run league. Will target coed captains.

Britta says because of safety concerns, important we target captains that will stress safety.

Fall League

TG: historically difficult to run a league in the fall due to conflicting schedules: college beginning & club ending. numbers arent there to run a full fledge league. defer to monday night pickup and to SoBo’s fall league.

Youth Update

Z contacted by someone in Towson Rec to run youth league
Boys + Girls league in Pikesville to be run in the spring
Z offering to recruit coaches but doesn’t want to coach everything again. Towson women helping to coach JCC league.
Looking to CMUA community for support
{{CMUA can support these leagues financially or with bodies}}

Question posed about general youth outreach.
TG create a page on website for Youth
Press will add content about upcoming clinics
Shannon recommends creating a signup box for youth only

Spring League

Start in March? Need to begin outreach to college teams.
4-6 weeks long?
Dont want to run into sectionals
Z wants to find a way to sell it to college teams via field space and opportunities to play against other opponents (college and clubs)
Donny: start conversations with teams about availability and dates
Z: historically M & W’s after 8 are free


issue where newsletters and other emails go to promotions tab by default. unable to get around it without manual activity. shrek is investigating ways.

TG: open rate is actually pretty good. we just need to communicate with everyone about it and where it goes.

Social Media

Facebook isn’t ideal unless we start to pay and promote posts. Z: TG pays for promotions and will submit reimbursements or get league dues deducted.

Moving Forward


Event for Open Board Meeting & Hat Tournament
Notice about mailchimp email landing in promotion box
Also steps to ensure facebook posts get seen


To go out October 6
Info about open board meeting and proposal solicitation
Winter League: save the date
Monday Night Pickup: reminder its still going on
Women’s pickup?