Open Board Meeting Minutes

CMUA Open Board Meeting

Jan 19th 2016

CMUA Board Members

Present: Bridey, Jon, Mike, Donald, Daniel, Warren, Zara, Shannon

Apologies: Adi

CMUA Members Present

Laura Camarata

Meghan Gloyd

Kevin Baker

Alice Bauman

Charley Grevers

Rusty Kahl

Neill Curtis

Diana Lam

Josh Mull

Mitch Vitullo

Dylan Leighton

Timmy Gelles

John Gallagher

Dan Dresser

Open of Meeting – Jon

Welcome & Overview

Mission & Values – Jon & Zara

Monday Survey Results – Jon & Zara

  • Q is the sample that responded representative of who played at league?
    • survey had a representative range of responses
  • Concern about number of male spots available in leagues
  • Concern about gender discrimination
  • Thanks to Dylan for assistance with survey

Women’s League Survey Results – Warren & Laura

  • Request to share polls or surveys with and from other associations
  • Request for captains to be guided on how to make gender decisions (ask women in attendance to decide vs captains agreement)
  • Question on if players are returning despite negative experiences
  • Diana, question on differences between qualitative and quantitative results

Feedback on Leagues

  • Rusty – Tuesday Open League Captain
    • Good job by commissioner (Kevin)
    • Attendance issues for two teams
    • Strong desire to continue open league
  • Kevin – Tuesday Open League Commissioner
    • 1 team had major attendance issues
    • Thanked Rusty for captaining after other’s pulled out and commended him on his leadership
    • recommends rebranding as Men’s League as no women chose to play
    • Hear feedback that some Jewish players would play men’s only league but not “Open”
  • Daniel – Wednesday Mixed League Commissioner, WNL Player for 10+ years
    • 8 teams < 20 women, not truly mixed
    • pressure on women for playing time
    • tried approaches to vary gender splits to improve experience for female players


Charley – Longtime Player, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Leagues

    • Social aspect, highly important
    • appreciative of open forum
    • seeks solutions for playing time and gender concerns
    • wants official policy on gender splits and gender decisions
  • Rusty – 2014 Monday League Captain, Longtime Player
    • Better attended teams were more enjoyable, please investigate improving attendance
    • Better attendance led to better growth in new players
  • Laura – Past Monday League Captain, Longtime Player
    • Hadn’t had attendance issues with co-captains of mixed gender, recommends we aim to increase mixed-gender co-captains
  • Britta – Longtime Player
    • Stressed importance of women in all levels of leadership to make women players more comfortable and involved
  • Laura – Thursday Women’s League Captain
    • Small overlap of female players with MNL
    • Development focus
  • Echo – Thursday Women’s League Captain
    • Attendance much improved second year of league
  • Meghan – Player
    • Harder for competitive/experienced players on Thursday League due to strong focus on development
    • High level of fun for all players
  • Zara
    • Women’s League goals were shared and agreed upon by all captains prior to season
    • Player goals for season were shared and supported by team and captains



Dylan –

  • Monday social, 5/2 or 4/3
  • Wednesday competitive with mixed gender captains
  • Monday currently too hard for beginners
  • Wednesday currently intimidating for new players due to large cliques
  • Fewer players want competitive vs social
  • Neill
    • Make Monday clique and pick instead of Wednesday
  • Johnny G
    • Monday great mix of social & competitive
    • Publish mission statement for each league
    • Monday regular season social, playoffs competitive


  • Signup windows are too short, men 13hrs and women 1 week
  • Stagger signups
    • 1 week pre-registration based on criteria for volunteering, longtime players, past waitlist
    • encourage year-long volunteering in line with CMUA goals
    • more transparent for all
  • Potential discount to encourage women to sign up early for league size planning
  • New to area players need to spend time in dev leagues or volunteer to get spot in MNL


  • New league
  • 4v4 Wildwood style mixed after end of Women’s League
  • 2x 45min games / night
  • Learning focus
  • Parity focus
  • Room at Banneker to grow teams


  • Women’s league
  • Add an advanced women’s league to complement current development league
  • All women play early, advanced continue later
  • Currently a major skills disparity in Women’s league between new and experienced players
  • Shrek
    • Possible drills or lower pickup for non-advanced players after dev league games


  • 1 mixed 4/3 league on Mondays
  • Skills sessions prior to first game
  • Discounts for new women / recruiters of new women
  • Standby list for players that can’t make a season long committment

Daniel (Shrek)

  • Move Wednesday to development
  • Keep Monday competitive but spirited
  • Only grow league relative to female numbers
  • Drills on Wednesday
  • Shrink size of cliques on Wednesday league
  • Kevin
    • Add cliques to Tuesday Men’s League to boost attendance
    • Smaller cliques on Wednesday preferred
  • Links competition level of Mondays, offer open / second league in close proximity to “main” league


  • Monday night is less ideal for competitive play following club tournament weekends


  • Guidelines for captains
    • 2-3 years fo CMUA
    • collect feedback on all captains and use that for future captain decisions
    • captain goals shared across all captains
    • priority for mixed gender co-captains

Mike (Toad)

    • Increase captain accountability
    • 4/3 for MNL
    • Dev league on Mondays as well to allow players to self-select
    • Open question on how to assign people to divisions


Further proposals will be accepted prior to the next board meeting. Please submit prior to January 31st to . February Board Meeting will be 2/25/2016 at 6:30pm location TBD (probably at JR’s)

Meeting Closed – Jon