Central Maryland Ultimate Association

Each team will only play one day a week (Tuesday or Thursday). The league begins January 8 and runs until February 28. All games are held at GOALS Baltimore.

League Rules

  1. We play 5v5 make it, drop it ultimate. Once you score, you put the disc down where you are, and go immediately on defense.
  2. Subs are on the fly, you must touch hand with the person you are subbing in for. The next sub can wait just inside the door on the field to be the next sub.
  3. Walls, ceiling, and net are all out of bounds. If the disc hits any of these surfaces, it is a turnover at the spot of contact.
  4. Games are 40 minutes in length played in two 20 minute halves. Each team gets a 60 second time out per half . The clock will resume at the end of that 60 seconds regardless if you’re still in a huddle or not.
  5. The time slots are from 8:30 – 9:30 and 10:00 – 11:00. Each time slot starts with roughly 15 minutes of warm up pick up. Only the two teams assigned to that slot may play in this pick up. There is a 30 minute gap between games which is open to all players for pick up.
  6. Default gender ratio will be 3 men / 2 women. Captains and Commissioner can discuss variations if numbers are off for a game (ex alternating 3:2 and 4:1).
  7. The stall is a six second stall count going from 5 to 10.
  8. Please respect our facility. Goals is a GREAT turf facility that we get to use. Treat it right. Don’t go on the field until the commissioner gives the go-ahead. Make sure your cleats are clean.
  9. Do not play recklessly. There are hard walls LITERALLY surrounding the field. If you make too many dangerous plays and endanger yourself or other players, the Commissioner reserves the right to remove you from playing.
  10. Snow Policy – If it snows, we will always let you know whether we will be on or not. We try and be safe and make the right call. This call is usually made by 6:00 pm on game day.

Questions? Please contact us at cmuacomm@gmail.com.

Indoor Schedule and Results

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