Central Maryland Ultimate Association

These new Summer League 2016 Policies are a result of an effort to improve the quality of the various summer leagues CMUA offers. The board and many volunteers from the CMUA community have been working together to understand what aspects of the CMUA summer leagues could use improvement, what is it doing well, and what policies could be enacted to improve the experience for everyone. We’ve released multiple surveys, requested and reviewed proposals, and had many discussions to work out the logistics of each policy.
Feedback is welcomed at feedback@md-ultimate.org.

  1. New Summer League signup procedure
  2. Summer League captains selected by the Board of Directors
  3. Minimum 7 women per team for Monday Night Advanced League
  4. Mandatory 4:3 ratio if all teams in the league have at least 8 women on their roster
  5. Monday Night League rebranded as Monday Night Advanced League
  6. Clique League relaunched as Recreational League
  7. Women’s League will be 5v5 and offer an Advanced Women’s League game
  8. Men’s League is coming back in 2016
  9. Creation of a new 4v4 Wildwood League
  10. Feedback for captains and players

1. New Summer League signup procedure.

The date and time for online signups will be announced with sufficient notice to prepare. There will be 3 waves of signups. The first wave will be for CMUA volunteers who have been identified by the board for their significant contributions to the community for the year leading up to Summer League (league commissioners, tournament organizers, board members, and summer league captains for the current year). The second wave will be for players who were placed on the waiting list from the previous year, and who did not get into the league they signed up for. The third wave will be open to everyone. Note: This year (2016), the second wave will be skipped, since there were players that didn’t sign up at all last year when they heard the wait list was already in place.
Reasoning: In the past, the online signups went live at an undisclosed time, and the Monday Night League filled up before many players had a chance to sign up. This new policy ensures that everyone knows when the sign up time is. We want to be fair to CMUA members who have volunteered a significant amount of their time to the community, and we also want to be fair to people who tried to get into the league they wanted, but missed the cut off the previous year.

2. Summer League Captains will be selected by the Board of Directors.

CMUA members will be able to volunteer to be captains for the various leagues through an online signup process. The board will get feedback from the league commissioners, and make selections from the list of volunteers. The board is going to be encouraging more women to sign up as captains and co-captains. Please use this form to sign up if you’re interested in captaining or co-captaining for any of the leagues!
Reasoning: There are many members of the CMUA community that demonstrate the values of the CMUA organization and would make great captains. This policy will allow these members the opportunity to positively impact the summer league experiences of all the players. The board and many members of the CMUA community believe that an increased number of women captains and co-captains will have a positive impact on the summer league experience.

3. Monday Night League teams will have a minimum of 7 women per team.

The actual number of women per team, and the total number of teams will be determined based on the number of women who sign up for Monday Night League.
Reasoning: Many players are interested in playing in a true 4:3 league, with 9 women per team. The CMUA Board of Directors agrees with this sentiment, and wants to work toward making it a reality. The Board also wants to maximize the number of players who can get into Monday Night League without reducing the quality of play by getting further away from the 4:3 ratio. The Board agreed that 7 should be the minimum number of women per team.
Logistics: Here is the board’s suggestion for how to scale the number of women per team and the number of teams based on the number of women who sign up for Monday Night League. The numbers in this table are not final. The final decision for league format will be determined by the Monday Night League commissioner with approval from the CMUA Board of Directors.

Total # of Women # of Teams # of Women per Team
144+ 14+ 9
128-143 16 8-9
113-127 14 8-9
109-112 14 7-8
96-108 12 8-9
84-95 * 12 7-8
80-83 10 8-9
70-79 10 7-8
65-69 8 8-9
56-64 8 7-8

* In 2015, there were 84 women that signed up for Monday Night League

4. Monday Night League will be a mandatory 4:3 ratio as long as all the teams in the league have at least 8 women per team on their roster.

If a team is not able to play 3 women on the field, they may play down a male player. In situations where not all league teams have 8 women per team, a 4:3 ratio is strongly encouraged, but the league commissioner will have final say on what ratio policy the league will adopt, with approval from the Board of Directors
Reasoning: The board believes that a 4:3 ratio will provide the best mixed gender experience on the field. However, if there aren’t enough women on a team to always field 3 women with enough subs to give them rest, the women players tend to have a poorer experience. The board believes that 8 highly available women per team is enough to almost always ensure that there are enough women to support a 4:3 ratio with subs.

5. Monday Night League will be rebranded as the Monday Night Advanced League.

Players that sign up for Monday Night League should know that they are going to be playing high level, spirited ultimate. New players to the sport of ultimate are encouraged to join the new Wednesday Night Recreational League instead of the Monday Night League.
Reasoning: Players should know what they’re getting into when they sign up for the Monday Night League. We’ve received feedback that newer players have had poor experiences in the Monday Night League in the past, and the board believes that creating an Advanced League and a Recreational League will help all the leagues grow and provide positive experiences to more members.

6. Clique League is being relaunched as the Recreational League.

The Recreational League’s goal is to provide an environment for new players to come learn the sport of ultimate. This league will be made up of mixed gender teams. Players of all skill level are encouraged to join. Baggage will be restricted to groups of 5 people. The number of teams and the gender ratio of the league will be determined by the league commissioner based on the number of players that sign up.
Reasoning: This new league addresses a number of issues that CMUA members have voiced:

  • Many players (especially new players) are intimidated by the “Clique League” name and format. Either they think that they need to be part of a clique to sign up, or they think that they’ll be an outsider on whatever team they join. This Recreational League still allows for large groups of baggage, but the “clique” idea is not emphasized.
  • New players to ultimate sometimes have poor experiences in the more advanced Monday Night League, and this Recreational League will provide a venue for these players to learn and grow in a lower pressure environment.

7. Women’s League will be a 5v5 format and offer an advanced league game after the regular league game

The number of teams will be determined by the number of women that sign up. After the scheduled league game, there will be an advanced women’s league game.
Reasoning: Reducing the number of players on the field to 5 per team will allow newer players to make a bigger impact on the field. The advanced league games will provide an outlet for members to play some high level women’s ultimate.

8. Men’s League 2016.

The Men’s league will be restricted to only male players. The format and number of teams will be determined by the league commissioner based on the number of players that sign up.
Reasoning: The Men’s League provides another outlet for men to play fun, competitive ultimate. All male players are encouraged to play in this league in addition to all the other leagues offered.

9. Creation of a 4 week 4v4 “Wildwood” League.

This league will start towards the end of June. Games will be played on a shortened fields. More details about this league will be sent out in the future.
Reasoning: Many CMUA members enjoy playing in the Wildwood Beach tournament every year. This league will let people practice for this tournament and enjoy the faster pace of a 4v4 style game.

10. Feedback for captains and the players.

There will be an end-of-season survey that will allow CMUA members to provide feedback about their captains. This will be used by the board in the future to inform decisions about who will captain. Players will also be asked to provide feedback about each of the leagues. This feedback will be used for future policies and amendments to current policies so that the leagues can continue to improve.
Reasoning: This will help ensure that the CMUA continues to meet its goals as an organization, and ensure that the players continue to have positive experiences with the leagues that CMUA offers.