2019 Election Information

At the February Board of Directors Meeting, the CMUA Board voted unanimously to move the election from its traditional May date to July.

The following changes were included in a proposal brought to the Board by At-Large Member Tim Gelles:

  • Modify term length from its current calendar of June 1–May 31 to August 1–July 31.
  • Extend current terms to July 31 for the expiring board term.
  • Request nominations starting on or around June 15, require nominations be due by June 28.
  • Move the election duration from May 1–15 to July 1–14. Inform Community of candidates on July 1.
  • Announce winners on or around July 15
  • Introduce new board members, if they’re available, at annual crab feast (usually held the first or second Sunday in August)

To prevent a lapse of duties, outgoing board members whose term end on August 1 are still required to complete any assigned responsibilities (e.g. Crab Feast) or commissioning (e.g. Monday Night, Clique League) that are outstanding after August 1, but are not required to complete them if assignments are still outstanding after August 15.