Inclusive Youth Clinic

CMUA is proud to announce that we’re hosting our first ever Inclusive Youth Clinic on Saturday September 17th at Southwest Academy! A free event designed and intended to teach elementary students with and without disabilities how to play the sport of ultimate frisbee. Parents will have to be present for the entirety of the event. There will be modifications and accommodations made to meet children at the level of their needs. 

All children will be paired with a “buddy” which is a volunteer from a local college or high school team who are familiar with ultimate frisbee. The children will be working in small groups to learn how to throw and run for the frisbee and other fundamental skills. Children will also be able to watch a competitive frisbee scrimmage before participating in a scrimmage themselves! 

Please make sure your child has water and soccer or football cleats if able. Children also can wear sneakers or tennis shoes. The link for registration is down below. Email us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Registration Link: 

Link to Flier: Inclusive Youth Clinic Flyer.pdf