CMUA Board

What is the CMUA Board?

The Central Maryland Ultimate Association Board of Directors is a group of volunteers that serve as the organization’s governing body, and ensure its mission is carried out. CMUA is not an independent non-profit but a sports and recreation program of the Catonsville Recreation & Parks Council.

Responsibilities of the CMUA Board include sending a representative to attend recreation and parks council meetings, commissioning leagues, instituting policies, overseeing committees and other key initiatives, and keeping the organization in good standing.

The Board may consist of no fewer than seven nor more than nine Directors. Each director is required to regularly attend Board of Directors meetings either in person or online. The Board usually meets monthly, for one-to-two hours per meeting.

Please email if you would like to know when the next meeting is, and if you would like to attend.

Current Board of Directors

The CMUA members listed below were elected to the CMUA Board of Directors based on an online vote each within the past 3 years. The CMUA president, vice president, treasurer, rec council liaison, and secretary were then selected by the board members.

Each Director’s term expires during the year in brackets.

  • Nadia BenAissa – President [2025]
  • Mykiah Ashley- Vice President [2025]
  • Kevin “Ham” Baker – Treasurer [2024]
  • Doug Trach – Secretary [2024]
  • Alan Meeker – Rec Council Liaison [2025]
  • Abigail Antolick (at large) [2026]
  • Anne Saba (at large) [2026]
  • Tim Eubanks (at large) [2024]
  • Xavier Stewart (at large) [2026]
Previous Board members: Adi Malave, Alice Bauman, Ben DeForest, Bridey Gallagher, Britta Schaffmeyer, Christian Lund, Daniel “Shrek” Sprechman, Danielle Rolle, Donnie Gorsuch, Eric Clarkson, Erica Yee, Jon Pressimone, Meghan Gloyd, Michael “Toad” Myers, Sean Moran, Shannon Garrahy, Timmy Gelles, Warren “Meech” Wells, Zara Cadoux

How Does One Serve on the Board?

Each year, Directors are elected to the Board by the community. Each Director is elected to a three-year term. Directors are not required to serve all three years, though it is encouraged they serve at least one year.

Each year a call for nominees is disseminated in early June. Any CMUA member may nominate themselves or another CMUA member to be a candidate for the Board. 

Members of CMUA will then vote to elect three Directors from the slate of candidates. Each Member will be allowed to vote once for each of up to three candidates. 

In the event of a vacancy, or if there are equal amount of candidates as openings, the current Board of Directors reserves the right to select member(s) of the community without an election. Please see the CMUA Bylaws for additional information on these processes.


Each year the CMUA Board decides specific roles each board member will oversee to assist run the organization. Contact us at if you’d like to get more information or volunteer for any of the following roles:

  • Communications (Website, Newsletters, and Social Media)
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Women’s Involvement
  • Youth Involvement
  • Health and Safety
  • Indoor League
  • Spring and Fall League/Pickup
  • Summer League