Meeting Minutes 2/25/2016

CMUA February Board Meeting – Thursday February 25h 2016

Board Members

Present: Adi, Donald, Daniel, Jon, Mike, Shannon, Warren, Zara

Apologies: Bridey

Meeting Opened – Jon

Review of proposals and league structures. Approved elements below.

Monday League

  • Rebrand to Advanced Mixed League – Approved
  • Work towards true mixed 4:3/3:4 as much as possible
  • Minimum # of teams 12
  • Minimum 7 women per team

Open League

  • Re-brand as men’s league
  • Toad to reach out to PUDA
  • Target small cliques to boost attendance

Women’s League

  • 6:30 Development League
  • 9:00 Advanced Women’s League


  • Do away with large cliques (4 player per clique)
  • Rebrand as developmental league


    • Moving M to W: Voted down unanimously
    • Saturday League: Voted down unanimously
    • 7 women (minimum) with availability: Voted in unanimously (or would it be “voted up”?)
    • 4:3 ratio under the condition of 8 women per team. Captain’s discretion in the event of uneven numbers  Captain training on the issue.: Voted in unanimously


  • Wednesday Night Developmental League: Voted in unanimously


  • Limit Wednesday Night Baggage/Clique (TBD 4 or 5): Voted in
  • Rec 5v5 Women’s and Advanced: Yes
  • 4v4 Wildwood League: Yes (Promote in June)
  • Monday Night Rebrand to Advanced: Yes
  • Player Feedback on Captains: Yes – how to TBD
  • Publicize Registration Dates at least 2 weeks in advance: Yes


  • Pre-registration for captains + league team + board members (Volunteers), then open registration
  • Incentivize Waitlist by giving preferential treatment in 2017


  • Captains will be selected – Yes
    • Captains announcement, opportunity to apply
    • Headed by Adi and Zara and Jon
    • Things taken into consideration: experience captaining, feedback received from previous years, commitment to the mission
    • Board has final approval of captains (simple majority)
    • Prioritize Mixed Gender Captain Teams
  • Discount for Women
    • No for Monday
    • Bundle women’s and developmental


  • Selected from volunteers who respond to emails social, and website notices
  • Draft scheduled in advance


  • Replace current newsletter system to make it easier to administer and sign people up


  • Jon to ask Quinne to get logo ready to use on merchandise and discs

Spring League

  • Need to identify commissioner
  • 6 weeks starting in April
  • Night depends on field availability

Call for Board Nominations:

  • Shannon & Shrek to co-ordinate

Meeting Closed: