Meeting Minutes 12/6/2017


  • Timmy Gelles
  • Daniel Sprechman
  • Britta Schaffmeyer
  • Zara Cadoux
  • Donnie Gorsuch
  • Jon Pressimone
  • Meghan Gloyd
  • Kevin Baker
  • Barry Lloyd


    1. Open Board recap
      1. Discussion about renaming it in the future
    2. Event Report forms – Timmy created a template for event organizers to complete at the end of the event / league
    3. Thanksgiving Hat Recap
      1. Need more board members to attend in the future
      2. 220 pounds of food donated to Catonsville and Baltimore Highlands charities
      3. About 60 people
    4. Fall Pickup Recap
      1. About 50 people total, 20 per week
    5. Youth update
      1. Highschool camp this summer
        1. Tommy Barber is running it
        2. June 25-29th. Boys / girls 11-19, from 9 am to 4 pm
      2. Finalizing youth plan
    6. Indoor Pickup and League
      1. 50 people on first night. 60 people signed up online 39 guys, 11 women
      2. Pickup registration will stay open until Friday the 15th
    7. Indoor League
      1. Discussed how to do sub list – decided to have an “opt out” option when signing up
      2. 130 people max (80 guys, 50 women)
    8. Board Recruitment
      1. Want more females to apply than just the bare minimum.
      2. Reaching out to individuals to see if they’re interested
    9. Rec Council Meetings updates
      1. CRPC is creating new website
    10. CRPC / Baltimore Highlands status
      1. Baltimore Highlands doesn’t want us to be a member of both CRPC and Highlands.
      2. CMUA Board decided to stay with CRPC
        1. Still need to communicate with Baltimore Highlands
          1. Keep in touch with Jody (Baltimore county employee)
          2. Need to let them know we want to use their Lansdowne fields in the summer, and to keep us in the loop about soccer’s plans with the fields
    11. CRPC meeting about status
      1. Barry, Donnie, Timmy, and Zara met with the CRPC leadership on November 14th
      2. The current CRPC president had personally witnessed some instances where club teams were disrespectful of youth sports at the field
      3. CMUA will be creating a Community Agreement form that club teams will need to sign before they can get access to fields


  • Action: Timmy said he will create this, and type up a guide for how to represent CMUA


      1. Need to send CRPC the agreement for review
  1. Possible future homes for CMUA programming, in case we leave CRPC
    1. Howard County Recreation and Parks
      1. Different setup than Baltimore County: no rec councils
      2. CMUA would not be in direct charge of league(s); rather, HCRP full-time staff would run ultimate league(s) that CMUA members would sign up for
      3. CMUA would no longer be able to provide field space to club teams; teams would be on their own with HCRP or other field site owners
    2. Timmy and Zara will be meeting Jamie Harding with the Towsontowne Rec Council, to determine if it would be a viable option in the future for fields
  2. Spring Offerings
    1. If we want turf, will probably need to start at 9:00
    2. Might be hard to get people to sign up for women’s league if it starts that late
    3. Assume turf time on Mondays / Wednesdays