Meeting Minutes 3/10/2017

CMUA Board Meeting 3/10/17



Shannon, Donny, Adi up for re-election. Adi announces she will not be seeking reelection. Shannon deciding. Donny declares 100%.
Nominations due soon.

April 1 deadline for submissions. Secretary submits by May 1. Votes must be cast by May 15. The Secretary will review the voting results and publish the names of the candidates and their vote totals by May 22.

Create a form on CMUA website to manage voting (similar to 2016 election). Candidates will put together usual candidate material.

Indoor League

League viewed as a success. Time format welcomed after initial confusion.

New subsitute system worked in beginning but lapsed as season progressed. Britta says issue lays with multi-year culture shift needed. Press suggests “sub” comissioner in addition to league commissioner. Group will would like to implement for Monday Night League (due to league popularity). Group would like a M & F sub list, but Zara suggests we find someone to manage it first. Shrek offers to manage a Wednesday night sub list. Create a “sub” league where people can sign up on an as-needed basis.

Spring League

Women’s League will shift from Summer to Spring. Baggage rules similar to Wednesday Night. 4 team league Wednesday nights at Banneker. Zara spoke with Bridey who was currently unsure about availability.

Men’s League. Sign up for pickup/league hybrid, as you need to pay to be at that space regardless. Form league around signup numbers. Speak to Kevin Baker about commissioning?

Summer League Proposals

If you’re on the sublist, you can go to TK field and play pickup?

Due to time constraints, Summer League proposals will not be voted on tonight. TG will send along the 6 proposals + feedback from Summer League Survey to review. Will set up a vote/poll mechanism for due diligence.

Z & Press offers to lead Captain Education. Shannon & Britta will find captain.

Other Stuff

Master’s Tournament


Newsletter! Candidacy information
Vote on proposals online
Brews with the Board planned for April 28.