Meeting Minutes 8/1/2017

Attendance: Britta, Press, Shrek, Timmy, Clarkson, Donny, Kevin, Zara, Meghan

Special attendance: Barry Lloyd.


End of Summer League/Start of Fall League
a. Vote on approval of the end of Summer League questionnaire

Players and captains surveys were reviewed by board and several edits and new questions were recommended. Summer League questionnaire approved unanimously with understanding the recommendations would be performed.

b. Crab Feast info

Donny to assist Barry with loading van and setting up picnic site. Other board members to arrive and assist where possible.

c. Update from Shrek on CRPC budget delay (seriously start looking into moving to Baltimore

Currently about $12,000 in CRPC budget, with roughly $5-6,000 already paid for lights at new turf facility at Spring Grove. Barry said the summer league budget was about $6,000. Board agrees that in 2017-18 year, figuring out the budget will be our top priority.

d. Vote on how we want to utilize our field space for the fall

Barry revealed fields are available at the following locations and times:

  • CHS: MW 9-11pm
  • Spring Grove: M 9-11pm
  • Banneker: MWTh 8:30-11pm; SaSu 8a-5pm through August, 8-12pm on Sundays only
  • Senior Center: MWTh 8:30-11pm.

2. Board Restructuring
a. Proposal to establish a meeting a year for strategic planning for the coming year (Timmy)

Timmy proposes the September meeting is dedicated to planning out the forthcoming year for various leagues, clinics, events, etc. Proposal passes unanimously.

b. Proposal to expressly state new/existing responsibilities/duties of board positions (Zara)


Zara proposes creation of new officer role, a “Rec Council Liaison”. Zara states it is too much for President to be the face of the organization, attend every council meeting, and be effectively be in charge of fields.

Proposal approved unanimously.

Timmy to amend the Article V Section 6 Subsection (e) of the bylaws with Zara’s proposal.

c. Proposals to codify meeting requirements (Meghan) and dates (Donnie)

Meghan presents proposal that meetings differ from current stipulations  as written inArticle V Section 10 of Subsection (e) and match current gender ratios as written in Article V Section 2 Subsection (b): “No more than two-thirds of the maximum number of Directors shall be of a single gender.”

Donny amends proposal that quorum be upped to 6 from its current number of 5. Amendment passes but proposal does not go to vote.

Donny presents proposal of codifying meeting schedule. Proposal postponed until September strategy meeting.

d. Appoint new board positions and vote

Donny and Timmy nominate themselves for president. Timmy wins vote 7-2.  Timmy becomes Board President.

Zara nominates herself as vice-president. Zara voted Vice President unanimously.

Daniel withdraws as Treasurer and nominates Kevin. Kevin voted Treasurer unanimously.

Daniel nominates himself as Secretary. Daniel voted Secretary unanimously.

Donny is nominated as “Field Rec Liaison”. Donny voted Field Rec Liaison unanimously.


3. Future plans
a. Fall hat tournament
b. Continue indoor at Goals?
c. Lansdowne High School gym for pick up?

All three items are to be discussed at September Strategic Planning Meeting.