Meeting Minutes 2/19/2018

CMUA Board Meeting

February 19, 2018

GOALS, Catonsville

7:00 – 7:10


  • Rec Council Check-ins (Donnie)
    • Catonsville
      • Prom donations
      • Want comprehensive list of when we’re actually using fields
      • Do not take cash payments for anything. Everything needs to be done online
    • Highlandtown
      • Need to schedule spring youth clinic
        • Alice will pick dates (possibly around last weekend of April)
      • Clinic is already planned
    • Finance Update (Ham)
      • Lost about $73 from indoor pickup at Lansdowne
      • Have about $12,800 in account. Actual balance is about $20,000
      • Not sure how much money will be taken by the CRPC for having excess money in the account


7:10 – 7:15 


  • VP Announcement
    • Britta will no longer be Vice President
    • Open position – will be decided offline


7:15 – 7:30


  • Indoor League Update (Press)
    • Two weeks left.
    • Sliders have been tough – captains ask for subs late, some teams ask for too much, some teams never ask.
    • Adjusting schedules to meet team’s request / convenience is too much
    • Helpful to have Christian to run the other night of league
    • Last season Press will be running the league
    • Better season than last year
  • Indoor Pickup Update (Donnie)
    • Less turnout than expect
  • Upcoming Leagues/Clinics
    • Clinic budget has been approved
    • Spring league / pickup has been approved
    • Fields have not officially been allocated
  • Summer League fields
    • Need to understand which fields we’ll be using before creating budgets
    • Need to identify summer league commissioners
      • Kevin Baker is Monday Night League commissioner
      • Shrek will commission Wednesday Night League, Donnie also volunteered to help. Shrek will look into help outside the board to run the league


7:30 – 7:50


  • Secretary Update (Shrek)
  • Communication Policy Revisit (Meghan)
  • Newsletters/Social Media (Group)
    • Alice / Jon will meet and have proposal before next meeting


7:50 – 8:10


  • Youth Update (Alice/Ham)
    • Need a way to run High School States
      • Dan Dresser ran things in the past. Dan got fields separately through Kevin Kurr. Doesn’t need CMUA help to get fields
    • Tim Eubanks wants to create YCC team
    • Other programs: Lizza + Pikesville girls
    • GUM
      • Janeanne is the new GUM coordinator
  • 897 Program (Ham)
    • Ham was able to take control of the program
    • Need to understand CMUA and relationship to 897
    • CRPC meeting on Tuesday. Plan to clarify 897 / 896 relationship and discuss possibility of transferring funds from 896 to 897
  • YCC Discussion (Group)
    • CMUA should have role in supporting YCC
    • Need to support gender equity
    • March 1 deadline
    • Suggestion to have Tim submit budget request to CMUA to better understand what Tim’s expectations are

8:10 – 8:25


  • Board Recruitment/Elections
    • Election change proposal
    • Outgoing board members this year:
      • Press, Ham, Britta
    • Flesh out job description more (Timmy)
      • Long-Term Planning Check-in
        • Demographics (Timmy)
        • Feedback (Meghan)
          • How to solicit feedback from participants of leagues
            • Currently passive: Surveys have varied responses
            • Look into having listening sessions for the leagues at the leagues themselves
              • People can come and provide feedback
              • Interactive stations
        • Storage (Ben)
          • Options:
            • Store at Barry’s
            • Store at various board members houses
            • Store at private storage facility
              • $600/year
            • Short term: schedule inventory about what Barry has


8:25 – 8:30 


  • Open Discussion
  • Next Meeting
    • Mid March – look for a place to meet
    • Meghan will schedule April open board meeting (beginning of April)
  • Action items:
    • Youth proposal (Alice)
    • Election proposal (Timmy)