Meeting Minutes 4/11/2019

CMUA Board Meeting 

April 2019

4335 Newport Avenue, Baltimore MD 21211


6:30 – 6:45

  • Rec Council Check-ins (Donnie/Meghan)
    • Schedules for Leagues and Clinics
      • Now required to submit schedules after budget and facility request approves
    • Background Checks
      • Board members are required to have up-to-date background check
      • Need to remind clinic practitioners to re-up or signup
    • Baltimore Highlands Clinic
      • Jodie confirmed flyers have been disseminated in school
      • Donnie informed Rec Council our YCC plans and we may reach out to them about recruitment
  • Finance Update (Ham)
      • Spring League and Pickup made 30% profit margin ($400 in black)
      • Indoor Pickup may have lost $50
      • Clinic signups starting to trickle in


6:45 – 7:05

  • Indoor League Report (Press)
  • Indoor Pickup Report (Donnie)
      • Numbers somewhat low: Indoor Pickup held on same nights as Towson and UMBC practices, may have decreased numbers; last minute scramble to get it up and running
  • Spring League/Pickup Update (Ben)
      • Currently 71 signed up for Spring League and Pickup
      • Pickup only nights had 20-odd people, numbers have increased with weather getting better and league starting
      • Ben considering possibility adding an additional week
  • Upcoming Summer Leagues/Clinics
    • MNL (Ham)
      • James unable to assist 
      • Registration process to remain the same
    • WNL (Shrek)
      • SoBo Summer Pickup not happening, they may bring a team to Clique League
    • Clinics (Timmy)


7:05 – 7:10

  • Secretary Update (Shrek)
  • Communication Policy Implementation (Meghan)
  • Newsletters/Social Media (Group)
      • Next newsletter to go out by April 12, or week of April 15.


7:10 – 7:30 

  • Youth Update (Alice/Ham)
    • YCC Update
      • Coaches: Tim Eubanks, Keven Moldenhauer, Cara Murray, Nicole LaDue, Joey Ricks
      • Acquired practice fields in Howard County
      • Signups via TeamSnap
      • Alice to disseminate an interest form to area youth contacts to help with recruitment
    • Youth Plan 
    • Upcoming Events
      • Four volunteers (perhaps an additional two) for 4/14 Lansdowne Youth Clinic


7:30 – 7:55 

  • Board Recruitment/Elections
      • Meghan and Tim to craft “marketing” information about the board
  • Open Board Meeting Update 
      • Tuesday, April 30 at Blue Pit BBQ.
  • Long-Term Planning Check-in 
    • Demographics (Timmy)
    • Feedback (Meghan)
      • Look into more opportunities for feedback/discussion. Increase visibility of volunteer organizers and engagement
    • Storage (Ben) 


7:55 – 8:00 

  • Open Discussion
  • Next Meeting