Meeting Minutes 8/21/2019

CMUA Board Meeting

August 21st



  • Introductions


  • Rec Council Check-in (Donnie)
    • Background checks


  • Finance Update (Ham)
    • See attachment at bottom
    • CRPC charges $10 per player per year


  • Youth Update (Alice)
    • YCC
      • Heard very positive responses
      • 19 players went to tournament 13 male, 6 female
      • 4 coaches, 2 women, 2 men
      • 6/7 parent volunteers that mostly helped out at the tournament
      • Broke seed and nobody got hurt
      • Built a stronger connection with WAFC
      • Demographics
        • Howard County, Montgomery County
        • Question about whether it’s feasible for participants to have fields in Catonsville for a league
    • Youth Plan
      • By end of Fall, have a youth committee to work on this
      • Think about fundraising outside of CRPC
      • Priority is to get community involved


  • MNL Debrief (Ham)
    • Numbers down – more people going to Wednesday Night League
    • All 8:30 games were able to be on turf
    • Finals were tied at 11-11 due to lights and lightning
    • Sub list – Meghan has some feedback and recommendations to give
  • WNL Debrief (Shrek)
    • 12 teams, average 8 women per team
  • Clinic Debrief
    • Everything went well
    • Had packet for captains
    • No fields past August
    • In the beginning of the season, county didn’t have the calendar and there were some light issues.
    • Some pain in having to do the two payments
  • Fall League/Pickup Check-in (Ben)
    • 71 people currently. Slightly inflated because some people are playing goaltimate on the side
    • 54 men, 17 women
    • Considered doing early game and late game with pickup, where women could play on multiple teams. Feedback was that players would rather play 1 game with not an ideal gender ratio.
  • Crab Feast Debrief (Donnie)
    • 120-150 people
    • Borrowed Gregg’s van. Might need to rent a van next year
  • Winter League (Ham)
    • Ham reached out to Goals for Winter League
    • Pickup in December
      • First 3 Mondays from 9-11
      • First 3 Fridays from 8-10:30
    • Indoor League
      • Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-11
    • Need to find Winter League commissioners


  • 2019-2020 Board Officers Position Discussion and Elections
    • President
      • Meghan
    • Vice President
      • Ben
    • Secretary
      • Shrek
    • Treasurer
      • Ham
    • Rec Council Liaison
      • Donnie


  • Communication Policy – Review/Elect Roles
    • Ham – cmuacomm email
    • Shrek – newsletter
    • Alice – social media


  • Next Meeting – Strategic Planning
    • Set Tentative Date
    • Preview Items to be discussed
  • Open Discussion
  • Fall Hat Tournament
    • Discuss at strategic planning
    • Saturday before Thanksgiving (Donnie will double check)


Officer Positions (aka. Executive Team)

Roles not in italics taken from the CMUA Bylaws.  Roles listed in italics are not formally stated in CMUA Bylaws but have historically been performed by incumbent.



Incumbent: Meghan 


  • General and active management of the business and affairs of CMUA
  • Monitor the Directors
  • Plan and preside over all meetings
  • Coordinate executive team
  • Execute any agreement or other instrument binding upon CMUA
  • Oversee board initiatives and activities
  • Support board members 
  • Coordinate with Rec Council Liaison on Rec Council matters


Vice President

Incumbent: VACANT


  • Preside over board meeting if President is absent
  • If President position is vacant, serve as President until a new President is elected
  • Assist with coordination of meetings
  • Manage the Board of Directors



Incumbent: Shrek


  • Distribute Agenda at meetings
  • Take and maintain meeting minutes
  • Maintain contact information for Board Members
  • Maintain calendar of events



Incumbent: Ham


  • Prepare annual budget for CMUA
  • Keep financial records
  • Review league budgets
  • Provide recommendations for league/clinic pricing
  • Manage all CMUA league/clinic registration on TeamSnap
  • Coordinate with CRPC Treasurer 
  • Submit check requests to CRPC to pay vendors/reimburse CMUA members for expenses
  • Make purchases and pay for recurring expenses on behalf of CMUA
  • Coordinate with Rec Council Liaison and league/clinic commissioners


Rec Council Liaison

Incumbent: Donnie


  • Coordinate coverage of monthly meetings of any Rec Council for which CMUA is a program
  • Prepare and submit field requests and schedules
  • Serve as point of contact for field requests
  • Maintain contact information of key members of Rec Council and Baltimore County Officials
  • Maintain notes document from monthly rec council meetings
  • Maintain contact information for lights and field site personnel 
  • Coordinate with league and clinic commissioners