Meeting Minutes 9/20/23

Central Maryland Ultimate Association Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 20th, 2023 at 6-7pm

Attendees: Anne*, Nadia*, Mykiah*, Ham*, Xavier, Alan*, Tim, Dani

* Elected Board position

  • Board position elections held. All members confirmed unanimously.
    • President – Nadia
    • VP – Xavier
    • Secretary – Mykiah
    • Treasurer – Ham, Anne (shadowing)
    • Rec. Council Liaison – Alan
  • League Commissioner Assignments:
    • Winter 2023 – Nadia, Mykiah
      • Mondays 8-10 PM, Wednesdays 7-9 PM. Pickup will be on December 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th, and 21st. League (separate registration) will be from January 8th to March 13th. League players will play one game a week on EITHER Monday or Wednesday.
    • Spring 2023 – Anne, Ben*
    • Summer 2023 –
      • MNL – Ham, Anne
      • WNL – Xavier, Mykiah
    • Fall 2023 – Nadia, Mykiah, Ben*
  • Additional Playing Opportunities:
    • Fall Hat – Alan, Ben
    • Adult Clinics – Ham
  • Additional CMUA Initiatives/Committees:
    • Equity – Nadia, Mykiah, Dani
      • Round table was less successful in practice, not sure if we will do this again. Planning to keep survey questions and end-of-league feedback meetings with league captains. Committee will meet to set goals and identify how to measure the success of new initiatives.
      • Women’s Ultimate – Equity committee will determine what this looks like/where it goes moving forward. May try to establish a mini league again.
    • Social Media – Nadia, Dani, Xavier
      • Nadia and Dani can create posts and Xavier can schedule and manage them
    • Website – Anne
    • Newsletter – Ham, Mykiah, Xavier
    • Open Board Meeting – Nadia
    • Crab Feast – Alan, Ham, Ben*
    • Youth – Tim, Xavier, Anne, Ham
      • Tim is stepping away from coaching, but Cara, Alec, and Rob are still interested in coaching.

*Tentatively assigned