Open Board Meeting – 11/4/2016



Meeting Agenda / Notes:

7:10 – Welcome Remarks by Clarkson

7:15 – Summer league survey results (available online)

Highlights: Sign up numbers (broken down by gender, league enrollment, and age groups), satisfaction within each league

7:25 – Report/analysis of survey results by Daniel Sprechman

Highlights: Identification and misconceptions of issues that arose from the data.

7:35 – Open feedback portion

Speakers: Rowan, Shrek, Shannon, Zara, Toad, Johnny G, Dylan, Meghan, Ham, and Giordano

7:55 – Break

8:00 – Previously submitted proposals

  • Meghan – Captain’s education
    • Structured format to prepare captains for the season, better understanding of CMUA policies, and provide support.
    • Goal: Provide information and require captain’s commitment to the CMUA mission.
  • Meghan – Women’s Alumni List
    • Create a listserve of women players to facilitate participation in various leagues
  • Shrek
    • Set gender cap per team, modify Advanced League name, change waitlist policies, and linking time of payment to order of signup.
  • Shrek – Strict 4:3 Ratio at Select Pick Up Nights
  • Shrek – Proportionate baggage rules for gender ratio
  • Zara – Women’s Spring League
    • Coordinate with college teams in the area
  • Zara – Expand Youth Programs

10:00 – Closing Remarks and Community Announcements