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2016 CMUA Board Election

The CMUA Board is happy to announce the results of its 2016 election. Congratulations to Eric Clarkson, Timmy Gelles, and Britta Schaffmeyer on beginning their 3-year term.

CMUA would also like to thank Kevin “Ham” Baker and Meghan Gloyd for their nominations, along with expiring board members Bridey Gallagher, Michael “Toad” Myers, and Warren “Meech” Wells for their hard work this past year.

This concludes CMUA Board election for 2016. When a Board Member’s term ends, they are able to run again for another three year term. Voting for new Board Members is scheduled to start when Summer League registration opens up. A minimum of three board positions are scheduled to open up annually. The next Board election will be held in 2017.

About the Board of Directors

The CMUA Steering Committee was created in the summer of 2014. It was made up of 14 volunteers from the community, and they met monthly to work towards transitioning the existing CMUA organization into a more sustainable model. For the past 30 years, Barry Lloyd has been doing an incredible job of keeping CMUA alive and thriving. The Steering Committee worked closely with Barry to understand how to make this transition smooth and successful. The Steering Committee created guidelines for electing a governing body for CMUA, called the Board of Directors.

Nominations and voting for the 9 Board of Director positions were done in May 2015. A new round of nominations and elections will be held each May for new members of the community to join the Board. Policies and bylaws that explain more about this process are available on this website.

Field Rules Reminder

CMUA would like to remind our members that for all leagues, club practices, games, tournaments, etc.

  • No dogs
  • No alcohol
  • Do not park on the street at Banneker. Please use the designated parking lots.

WAFC and CMUA are looking for volunteers for Chesapeake Open

Dates: August 13 – 14, 2016
Location: Maryland Soccerplex (not the polo fields in Poolesville)
Time: Approximately 7-7 on Saturday, 7-5 on Sunday. Accommodations can be made for those only able to make one day and/or certain time blocks.
Duties: Assist with setup/breakdown, refilling water stations, selling merch, collecting scores, and providing quality customer service to players and attending fans.

If interested and available, please email Kevin Baker at or cell at (410)-868-5637.

New Summer League 2016 Policies

The board, in conjunction with many volunteers from the CMUA community, has come together to create a set of policies that we believe will improve the summer league experience for everyone. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to present these new policies to everyone.

If you’re interested in captaining any of the leagues this summer, please fill out this form.

Thank you!

– The CMUA Board of Directors